March 12, 2011

::happy saturday & a giveaway::

today i am off to a lovely saturday date with the man of my dreams!
have you met him?
it's this guy...

we are taking a lovely morning drive.
having a leisurely lunch.
then hitting a craft show.
no, you can't have him...he's mine:)

on the pleated polka dot we have spent the past week talking about
::loving god & loving others:
one way that i LOVE to show :love: to others is sending :love notes:
don't you just love going to the mail box and finding something special with your name on it?
no? just me? okay.
moving on!

sending a card is one of the simplest yet most endearing ways of sharing encouragement. that is why i totally fell in love with the
:hope & encouragement: pack of cards from dayspring.

and today i get to offer you a $20 coupon code to spend on whatever your little heart desires. all you have to do is leave a comment telling me one way that you
:love god & love others:
easy peasy.

p.s. a winner will be announced Tuesday March 15th
p.s.s. this giveaway is open to anyone & everyone just be sure and leave your email so i know how to find you.

::happy saturday::


  1. i always try to show my love for all of God's little ones by caring for them and showing them patience. :)

    amschotter at gmail dot com

  2. my favorite way to show love is too cook. whether it's cookies or a giant feast, I love to be able to provide for people that way :)

    arianna [dot] patrick [at] gmail

  3. I show love through my job. I want to know each one of my students individually, their troubles they have gone through to get to Monticello, and how wonderful people they all are. I completely agree with you on the little notes or cards. I leave Dereck little notes everywhere. I also sent my students that were able to transition back to their home school a card in the mail that had a quote of encouragement on it. You are so right that it is such an easy way to let someone know you were thinking about love. God's love <3


  4. My absolute favorite way of showing love is in my 2 yr old class on Sunday nights and to the 2 precious girls that I get to babysit. I get to hug, and love, and squeeze, and tickle, and giggle all over those sweet babies. Every Sunday night [or when I get to watch the girls] God reminds me of the love of a child. I try my hardest to show them how much they are loved, but I am always out-loved by them. I strive to love people and God like a child loves, but I fail miserably everyday! I have so much to learn from such tiny hearts!

  5. i am taking this Saturday to stop by my followers and say HI and tell you how much I appreciate you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I try to show God & others love with service, helping out at church, feeding others, praying for them....just be encouraging. Happy weekend!

  7. Love God, Love Others? I think my most constant way is showing God's love to my kids. So they'll know him and show His love to others. SO MUCH HARDER than it seems! :)

  8. i love to send cards as well!! i need to be more intentional about doing that!

  9. I show my love of God by trying to be as helpful as I can to everyone, it's a work in progress.

  10. I've started choosing someone to "love bomb" with something that I think might encourage them. I'm trying to reach out once a week, as anonymously as possible, to help and support others. From a gift card to the grocery store or a meal for their family to leaving special notes and verses for the mailman and receptionist at my office, I just want God to use these little things to lift their hearts, as He does mine.

  11. I'd love to win! I love God and Love others by serving in my church as the Women's Ministry Leader.

    ropp dot 5 at wright dot edu


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