February 11, 2011

{how to keep *love love love* alive...part 4}

so this week i am investigating the subject of how to keep, not just {love} alive, but *love love love* alive.

i believe there is {love} then there is that butterflies in your tummy, tingles in your toes, cannot contain yourself kind of *love love love*. so that's the one i'm after.
that's the one i hold tight to and i have some lovely advice from alison of aPearantly sew on how to do just that.

how long have you been married?

6 years.

how to do you keep the *love love love* alive?

Date night, just the two of us. A chance to sit & look at each other and talk to each other about our day/week. During one recent date night Scott said it felt like back when we were dating. Lots of laughing & PDA (well, lots for me!). I loved that he said that :)

We also take an occasional overnight trip. It's a great way for us to reconnect and relax.

One thing that's one of my favorites...
On the weekends, after the boys have gone to bed, Scott & I lay in our bed and watch movies and drink coffee. It's nothing grand, but I love it!

{movies + coffee = happiness}
great advice alison!

stay tuned for tomorrows how to keep *love love love* alive guest and give away!!!!!


  1. my husband and I have been talking about having a date night once a week, at the house, once the kids are asleep. movie, dinner and snuggle on the couch. cheap and effective! :)


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