February 10, 2011

{how to keep *love love love* alive :: part 3}

so this week i am investigating the subject of how to keep, not just {love} alive, but *love love love* alive.

i believe there is {love} then there is that butterflies in your tummy, tingles in your toes, cannot contain yourself kind of *love love love*.
so that's the one i'm after.
that's the one i hold tight to and i have some lovely advice from kim of yellow songbird on how to do just that.

how long have you been married?

we've been married 2.5 years.

how do you keep *love love love* alive?

we make date night a priority every single week. we feel that we need to build a strong foundation before we have children & use our "just the two of us time" to the fullest.

super advice sweet kimmie!
make those date nights friends!!
stay tuned for tomorrows
how to keep *love love love* alive!


  1. amen.
    We haven't had a date night in a while and I miss it!

  2. me and my husband try and have date night every wednesday (when i'm in town that is, i travel so much for work that it's so hard sometimes)! :( such a cute feature!

  3. hmmm ... date night .... well, we're actually going on a date this Saturday! Our 2nd in 16 months! hehe .... new town, kids, etc all have contributed to the lack of date nights ... however, when we do go, it's very exciting for us! So, I guess it's one way to keep the 'love alive'.


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