February 12, 2011

{how to keep *love love love* alive...part 5}

so this week i am investigating the subject of how to keep, not just {love} alive, but *love love love* alive.

i believe there is {love} then there is that butterflies in your tummy, tingles in your toes, cannot contain yourself kind of *love love love*. so that's the one i'm after.

that's the one i hold tight to and i have some lovely advice from amber of the run amuck on how to do just that.

how long have you been married?

11 years.

how do you keep the *love love love* alive?

"the secret of our stayed love is our littleness."

amber wrote a lovely post over at {in}courage about how to keep the *love love love* alive....take a minute and click on over. you won't be sorry.

great advice amber!
{keep it small. intimate. cozy.}

stay tuned for a super awesome how to keep *love love love* alive give away TODAY!!!

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