February 9, 2011

{how to keep *love love love* alive :: part 2}

so this week i am investigating the subject of how to keep, not just {love} alive, but *love love love* alive.

i believe there is {love} then there is that butterflies in your tummy, tingles in your toes, cannot contain yourself kind of *love love love*.
so that's the one i'm after.
that's the one i hold tight to and i have some lovely advice from april of funky vintage kitchen on how to do just that.

how long have you been married?

we have been married 16 years!

how do you keep *love love love* alive?

Two kids later...one with special needs, we make sure to keep the love love love alive by making time to talk, taking time to touch {a tight hug + sweet kiss every day} and getting a weekend away once a year!


another day of great advice!
{a tight hug + sweet kiss every day}
words to live by. words. to. live. by.

p.s. april has her own little *love story* going on over at the funky vintage kitchen...check out
{Dear Dave + April: A Tuesday Love Series...Our Story}

thanks april!!

stay tuned for tomorrows
how to keep *love love love* alive!

p.s.s. did i mention there is a going to be a give away this week?? you don't want to miss it!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for your constant encouragement. Reading your blog has become a daily thing for me and I look forward to it every. time. I love you.

  2. We always take time away each year, too. Something I *always* look forward to. ;D

  3. Oh that time away! How precious it is!! We have an annual couples retreat with other couples from church coming up in 2 weeks and I.can't.wait :)


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