February 7, 2011

{how to keep *love love love* alive}

it's right around the corner.
it's waiting for us.
you know what i'm talking about.
that totally media hyped holiday that was really created just to sell flowers, cards and candy.

{valentine's day}

i don't care if this holiday is totally fabricated.
i love excuses to celebrate this amazing thing called {LOVE}
who's with me????

so this week i will be posting each day a little snippet of advice from some awesome girls in the blog world on how to keep *love love love* alive.

can i get a hip hip {HOORAY}??!!

stay tuned for....

*how to keep the love LOVE love alive*


  1. I love those candy hearts! brings back my childhood!!

  2. Can I just say? I love your blog to pieces. You have such a sweet heart. Hope you're keeping well, lady xx

  3. just came across you blog from grace graffiti! love it!


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