December 30, 2010

{things i love thursday}


"when i read my child a story i am doing far more than entertaining him. i am expanding his world with language, words, thoughts and imagination"
{jean fleming- a mother's heart}

you guys already know i am a voracious reader. i read something every single day. i love it. i have a stack of books on my bedside table waiting to be devoured.

i am {hopefully} passing on my love for reading to my children. we bought eisley and durgin several books for christmas and this one, at the moment, is her {favorite}.

we have read this book every day at nap time and at bed time since christmas day. every. day. she loves it and i do too. it's one of those classics that i remember from childhood and i so enjoy sharing it with her.

this is an usborne book and my sweet friend {krissy} sells these as a stay at home mommmy to contribute to her family finances. so check out her store. you'll find lot's of goodies there!

grace and peace friends!


  1. Yep, she does love it. I haven't read her anything since she has gotten it.

  2. I love kids books too. I miss that about teaching elementary school (work with high school now) I still bring in cool pictures books to read to them sometimes...they love it!

  3. I'll be adding this to our library. Thanks

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