January 3, 2011

{love what you do}

i've been reflecting on the last year as i'm sure most of you have. the thing that is in the forefront of my mind is {parenting}.

disclaimer:::yes this is a {parenting post} but even if you aren't a parent, there are still principles you can apply to your life...so don't stop reading sweet friends.

parenting::the season of my life.
i am a mom.
and I love motherhood.
this is my season and this season... is fleeting.
seems like just yesterday when i was sitting in church and i felt my first little peanut wiggle in my belly.
her first word...dada.
her first steps with an exercise ball {a story for a another time}.
now she is three. three. years. old.
where did the time go people?
but more important than that... what have i done with the time that has passed?
are my children learning to be kind?
{hold that thought}

my occupation::respiratory sales rep.
i have goals to meet to be successful.
so every year in december i reflect on the last year.
did i meet my goals?
how or why not?
what are my plans to meet my goals in the coming year?
i make a plan.
i stick to the plan and reevaluate every month to tweak it where needed.
i'm driven.
i meet my career goals.

So...ummm, light bulb!!!
why don't I apply those same principles to parentng {but in a little less rigid fashion of course}?
shouldn't I be just as concerned with my children being on track as i am my career?
more really.
they are so much more important than any job could be.
they are a gift.
a treasure.
and i only get one go at raising them.
so this year i am making a plan!
a plan to develop the characteristics i want to see blossom in their sweet little lives.

these are the questions i am asking myself...
do we focus on others more than ourselves?
do we look for ways to bless one another inside our family?
is love the motivation for our actions?
are they learning to be like jesus?
are we having fun every day?
are we being respectful?
are we growing in love?

as i answer these questions i am making a list of the ways we are doing these things and new ideas to continue this pattern of development.

i am making a plan for my family.
for myself.

so, friends, what are your {plans} for 2011??

grace and peace


  1. Nice post, Melissa. Very good points and important reminders. As moms, I think we all want to see these qualities grow and flower in our children. We look for them but are we taking the steps and planting the seeds? I think making a plan is great idea.

  2. I love this post. You are a great mother and those are great questions to ask yourself...everyone of us should ask the same. I also love that Ben Franklin quote :)


  3. That's beautiful. I look forward to meeting you. (We're friends of Jacob's from Revolution, and we're moving to Chapel Hill!)

  4. Great idea! I'm a teacher so I'm CONSTANTLY making plans...never thought to do the same at home with my own kids (DUH!) Thanks for sharing!


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