December 29, 2010

{looking back}

{looking back so that i can press forward}
this year has been a wonderful year full of blessings...that are so easily forgotten at times. so as i look back, my heart overflows with the joy at the amazing and fun things that have gone on in 2010.

1. disney world in january

2. coop turned 3

3. durgin turned 1

4. beach trips

5. our trip to new york

6. these guys, some of our BFF's had twins...but didn't find out they were having twins until the 7th month...craaaaazy!

7. my sweet babies
8. awesome friends

9. this guy...that i love more and more every year

so that's my year! i'd love to hear about the awesome things that happened in your year!

grace and peace friends


  1. Aw! Many many blessings! Its always nice to reflect <333

  2. Love your kids names and what a great shot of your sons eyes! I have to know...was the 7th month surprise for your friend a homebirth or what? How did they miss that? I can top that, I have a friend who found out a few years ago...during labor! ha ha Love your "bringing Heaven to Earth" are you familiar with Bill Johnson?

  3. Love all the pictures of your sweet little ones! I might just do a little recap on my blog too :)

    Happy New Year!!

  4. I've been doing the same today...looking at pics and reflecting on the year...we are so blessed! :) Happy New Year!

  5. looks like a wonderful year! your kiddos are crazy cute :)


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