December 16, 2010

{things i love thursday}

{photo credit}

baby giggles.
date nights.
that my husband still opens the car door for me.
love notes on my dashboard.
eisley telling me she loves me 100 times a day.
christmas lights.
our elf on the shelf- nat.
daily hugs from jacob.
the way my children go crazy when i get home from work.
how jacob makes dinner each night so i have more playtime with the kiddos.
coffee dates with friends.
sewing dates with alison.
living simple.
books. books. and more books.
baking with eisley.
wait. did i mention coffee?

during this advent season i am taking time to focus on the amazing things in my life instead of the petty things that often creep in and change my focus inward.
i am choosing love.
i am choosing gratitude.
i am choosing to see the BEST in those around me.
i am choosing to make the most of every. single. moment.
I am choosing....

grace and peace friends


  1. Hey girly! thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is super cute. Noticed in an earlier post that you have an elf on the shelf. I work at barnes and noble so I am quite familiar with that little guy. Following! :)


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