December 17, 2010

{fun stuff for you}

okay so maybe it's just {fun} for me...but i wanted to share all the new goodies i have added to {the shop}.
1. rosette stretchy headband.

i think i'm a bit in love with making rosettes.

look that's ali from {aPearantly sew} ....and she totally rocks that headband!

2.  button headbands

check out my model! eisley fell in love with this butterfly button headband and insisted on wearing it for at least one picture.

3. Little Blue Ring Set

so what do you think?
find more stuff {here}!!

happy shopping friends.


  1. I love that ring set! And the picture of Eisley :)

  2. Hi Melissa, I found you through Gussy. I love making rosettes, too - this Christmas I made yarn wreaths with rosette accents from leftover fabric I had. Your headbands are really cute!


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