December 15, 2010

{it starts here}

"one must begin in one's own life the private solutions that can only in turn become public solutions."
-wendell berry

as you know i have been reading {sabbath by wayne muller}.
yes i know i have beat that horse right into the ground {wink}.
but for me, this book has been extremely inspiring and motivating during this particular season of my life!

i'm busy busy busy.
are you?
i feel like i speed through each day reaching and trying to hold onto moments that slip. right. through. my. fingers.

this book is not a new concept...taking a sabbath. resting. that is not new. i know i need to rest but making it happen...well, that is a different story. so here i am consciously incorporating ideas into my life that i have learned, or re-learned, from reading this book.

if i want things to change in the world i need to start with changes in my own life. "small things with great love" {mother teresa}, right?

so i made a list.
a list of things that shape my days.
some i am following and some i want to be able to follow.
they are written in my journal as a constant reminder of the things that i desire to flow out of my life.

just a few to give you an idea....

1. patience.
yes i pray for and seek patience. my children need a patient mommy so that they too can learn to be patient.

2. kindness.
one time this man was very mean to me at the grocery store check out because i was in the express lane {and didn't know it-honestly} with more than 10 items {the cardinal sin of grocery shopping} and i front of my little girl. she was oblivious but it was a good lesson for me. i want to show kindness to all...even those that do not show it to me. why? because i want my children to be kind. they will be what they see.

so what are yours?
to be grateful?
to serve others?
help the poor?

i'd love to hear the precepts that guide your life.

grace and peace friends!

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  1. We seem to be on the same heart-path at the moment. I feel like my life has been stagnating for some time because of changes I should have made years ago. Some of mine include:

    1) Trusting God. As in *really* trusting Him in area of my life, holding nothing back.
    2) Routine. Being more organised and living intently. Taking care of the mundane-but-necessary.
    3) Patience. Totally with you on that one.
    4) Looking outwards. Serving instead of expecting to be served. Getting my love-source from God and then giving it all away - knowing I can come back to Him to be filled once again.


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