December 1, 2010


as parents...christ followers...human beings...we are teaching our little ones to think of others first.
it's challenging.
not because they don't get it. they do.
we don't.
i still always want a new shirt or that extra decor for my home or to eat out just one more time during the week. there is always something to consume. something to buy. something to desire.
but i don't need it. any of it.
don't get me wrong. there is absolutely nothing wrong with possessing's when the things begin to posses us that there is a problem.

so as the christmas season is fast upon us we are taking advantage of teachable moments with our children. we do this year round but the holidays are a special time to really step out and focus on others.

jacob took eisley on a DADDY DATE the other day. while they were out they made a special trip to the store to pick out a special toy for someone who may not otherwise receive a toy for christmas.  it's under our tree...waiting for the perfect opportunity to bless someone special.

what are some things you are doing to bless others this holiday season?
i'd love some ideas!


  1. Melissa we have sponsored a child through world vision. We are buying gifts for him and sending it to the Dominican republic. We have also taken an angel tree tag to bless a child for in foster care ( if u want one let me know). We will also be delivering gifts to a needy family on Christmas eve.

  2. ligia we sponsor a child too! fidelina...eisley collects money in a piggy bank to give to her. it's such a precious process. i love all of your ideas! what a great way to teach our little ones about meeting the needs of others.


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