December 2, 2010

(things i love thursday}

this book....

wayne muller - {sabbath-finding rest, renewal and delight in our busy lives}

seriously's been life changing for me.
you see... i am a do-er. i do things.
lot's of things.
ALL the time.
my husband is constantly telling me to {sit down and rest}.
that's when i give him, my "you're crazy" look.
how can i rest when there are mountains of laundry and dirty dishes and floors?
that's a strange concept to me.
i want to rest. it sounds lovely.
but the duties of life beckon me day and night.

but this week i read the chapter A Life Well Lived.
and that's what i want to be said about my life when it is done.
i want A Life Well Lived.

wayne muller addresses the issue of time. and how over the years we have come put into place the standard that {time = money}.

"people who have a lot of money and no time, we call 'rich.' and people who have a great deal of time but no money we call 'poor.'
"when we are not using our time to get money, we are using it to spend money."


"what if we were to expand our definition of wealth to include those things that grow only in time- time to walk in the park, time to take a nap, time to play with children, to read a good book, to dance, to out our hands in the garden, to cook playful meals with friends, to paint, to sing, to meditate, to keep a journal. what if we were to live, for even a few hours, without spending money, cultivating time instead as our most precious resource?"

{what if we took time?}

"in time, we can taste the sweetness of peace, serenity, well-being, and delight. the trusth be told; with all the money in the world, and no time, we have nothing at all."

{so i encourage you dear friends, take time......just take it.}

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  1. Very Encouraging and something to really sit down and think about. Maybe this is a new book to download on the Kindle =)


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