December 27, 2010

{the snow princess}

hope you all had a wonderful christmas celebration!
our family had a blast!
as snow fell to the ground jacob and i drank coffee and enjoyed the children playing at our feet.
i will see snow differently from now on.
i will see it through the eyes of my children.
and there is nothing more whimsical that a little princess in the snow...


  1. So fun!!! Cute picture! I like to play in snow, but NOT live in it! Haha. <333

  2. so very sweet. just looked at your shop, love it all girl!!

  3. this is SUCH a lovely photo!!! playing in snow as a kid is soo fun!!

  4. I found you through Gussy and I LOVE your blog. You're an awesome writer and I feel exactly the way you do about most things :) like snow for magical!


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