November 4, 2010

{things i love thursday}

{repentance brought about by forgiveness}


last night the bedtime process had a bumpy start.
snuggles and a quick show before bed.
"eisley please turn off the tv and go to the bathroom"
then it begins.
"mommy i don't have to pee-pee!"
i can feel it escalating. and my mind races for distractions. things to redirect to. no luck.
defiance arrives and stays for a little while.

we finally get in her bed for snuggle time. i hold her close and tell her how much i love her. how glad i am that she is mine all mine. the she replies....

i love you mommy.
you're pretty.
you have pretty hair.
that's kind mommy?
i'm going to make better decisions mommy.
i'm always going to be your little girl.
all of these sweet words were mixed with my affirmations and lots of giggles.

she repented because i forgave her.
her heart softened.
her attitude changed.
she is learning from me.
if i forgive, she will forgive.
if i repent, she will repent.
if i love, she will love.
you get the idea.

i see god at work in her life and mine...and i love that!

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    btw, how many years before I get that hat you're wearing on your profile page?-lol


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