November 5, 2010

{ "soundrack to prayer" }

derek webb.
singer. song-writer.

my husband and i are big fans of derek webb...and his adorable little wife sandra mccracken. in fact he wrote a song to his wife that we absolutely love because it sounds so much like us...i wanna marry you all over again.

we have seen him perform in person and he's awesome. he speaks out about social injustices and pushes the bar with his music. he loves jesus and his people. he sees god in all things. which is something i am learning to do. god is in nature. god is in art. god is in music. god is in all things.

whatever is good and perfect comes from god...right? (james 1:17)

i'm looking for god in the mundane. the ordinary. the plain. the simple. because when i recognize god in those things....they become visionary. extravagant. exceptional.

so derek webb has a new album out and i must have it (hint hint: birthday coming up!) i was saying...he has a new album out that he has referred to as a worship album. but a friend of his, matthew smith called it a "soundrack to prayer."
and i thought that was lovely.

go here for a little snipit of enjoyment!

happy friday friends!


  1. you just earned 200 cool points for liking derek webb. we love him in our household. so convicted. so full of truth.

    oh and.."i wanna read the bible and i wanna make ouuuuuut" is the best line of any song. ever.

  2. yes...that is my favorite line second to "i wanna fall in love and say we're just friends" that's kind of the story of my husband and i! love love love derek webb! did you see where he, sandra mccracken and donald miller are touring right now. no shows near me but i would love to see them all together!


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