November 3, 2010

{ i have a confession }

i am a perfectionist.
i don't know when it began. maybe i have always been like this.

in high school, i don't remember doing things perfectly but i remember having the desire to never get caught doing them imperfectly.

in college, never late for class, always obeyed the rules (i went to Liberty University), studied hard.

now as a wife and mommy, i struggle.
i struggle to meet my own demands.
the house must be clean.
the toys must be put away.
the laundry must be washed....and folded {yuck}.
dinner must be cooked.
budget must be maintained.

when i look at the list that goes on and on and on i realize there just aren't enough hours in the day. i read this quote this morning by the amazing and encouraging ann voskamp

"the state of my space doesn't reflect the state of my soul"

she's right.
it doesn't.

so today, as ann says

"i'm doing the next thing"

i will do one thing at a time mixing in the important stuff like
horsey races {she's the pink one and i'm the mommy horse}.
tickle bugs.
sweet stolen kisses with the hubs.
book reading.
dress up.
and all the things that make this crazy life FUN. you need encouragement today?

hop on over and read ann's blog. it's long but it's worth every second. but if nothing else skip down and read the blue box that starts with:

"what to do when you want to give up and stay in bed"

i hope you find encouragement today my friends. strength to do the next thing.

blessings and peace my friends,


  1. Melissa, wow! i needed this. I too am guilty of being a perfectionist.


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