November 25, 2013

:thoughts on motherhood // watch for the light:

"the light shines in darkness and the darkness has not overcome it" john 1:5

as the advent season approaches things will begin to look differently around here. there will be a slowing of our days. there will be more calm as we await the coming of christ. there will be a tossing out of our sunday's best and we will put on our work clothes in order to do the hard work for the kingdom. the hard work of shining light into our hearts to see what must be changed. only when the light has been invited into our hearts can we do the work of bringing light to others.

so you might find us cuddled under blankets reading books upon books upon books. we will continue looking through the world vision catalogue trying to decide how we can bless those found inside. you will surely find us donning our aprons, flour dusting the floors, as we create goodies to fill the belly and bless the heart of neighbors, known and unknown. we will collect cans and coins and coats and take them where they are needed. we will seek out people that need encouragement and do what we can, with what we have been given. 

we will open our home to friends and family and we will not worry about dirty countertops or dishes in the sink. we will relish in the gift of friendship and the blessing of community. my little ones will learn, first hand, the art of hospitality. 

yes, for us, this will be the season of slowing. what will your season look like?

"we have to learn to live in what is coming from god every day and to carry a light 
from this awareness into the darkness" - alfred delp

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  1. It sounds as if you have a wonderful plan. Our holiday will be nontraditional this year but we will be joining other community families for a dinner.


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