October 25, 2013

:thoughts on motherhood // advent:

it feels way to early to talk about christmas but it's actually only two months away from today. with the chill in the air, i feel it coming.

i look forward to driving our little family up the winding mountain, griswald style, singing christmas songs along the way. i imagine all three of my babies running through the rows of pine to pick out the perfect tree to grace our home.

i plan to make christmas pajamas for everyone so when we get home we can put on our pj's and slippers, turn on the christmas music and dance while we decorate. jacob will hang garland on the porch and i will hang our advent calendar on the wall. all of this will be followed by hot chocolate, popcorn, the charlie brown christmas movie and snuggles.

i love tradition.
i hope my children remember all these things as fondly as i do.

it feels too soon but it's not. have you ordered your Advent Scripture Cards yet? they are in limited supply and you will need them by december 1st to follow along. buy them here! 

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