October 14, 2013

:thoughts on marriage // the love story:

they walked in the waiting room slowly yet gracefully, both white haired and wrinkled with age. she waved at the receptionist, clearly familiar, to let her know of their arrival. she sat down and he made his way over.

she said do you want me to move so you can sit near the table?
no, he said, i'll just sit right here next to you. it'll make me look better. 
she waved her hand at him as if waving away the truth of his words, endearingly so.
she picked up a magazine and held it out to him, i can't believe she passed up plastic surgery.
hon, your head was turned and i couldn't hear you. what did you say?
well you didn't need to hear it cause it was ugly, she replied.
aw, you couldn't be ugly if you tried. 

she shrugged him off both flattered and embarrassed or maybe coy, i'll never know. what i do know is that this couple, radiated love for all to see. not the showy kind, the real, forever kind.

this is the kind of love i want to leave behind. 

when my children are grown i hope they remember the way mom and dad hugged and kissed every morning. the way we held hands in the car. the way we shared laughter. the way their dad always waited until i was nearly done making the bed to pick me up and throw me on it and tickle me silly.  calling for the help of my little ones they would fly into the room and we would have an all out tickle-fest until everyone fell back breathless and happy. 

when they get angry at the one they love maybe they will remember that mom and dad never yelled at one another and always showed respect. in the remembering they will fight for the love they have chosen. they will choose to write a love story their children can remember and cherish.

my dearest love, even when we are old and gray, may we radiate a love that makes young ones want to live a better love story.

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  1. Oh my heart! I loved this post! And your blog is soo pretty! I'm your newest follower! Great to connect with you

  2. Melissa, I just love this. What a lovely story to share. It makes me think about how the people I love have influenced my life in so many ways, making it better and richer. Just plain lovely.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this! It brightened my day (: I love reading things with so much heart and meaning behind it. Thanks for sharing with all of us! Blessings to you, Melissa & have a fabulous week!

    Allie @ Framed by God


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