October 4, 2013

:thoughts on the internet // weekend links:

// thoughts on art //

sarah markley shares the secret of how to begin writing in this post. 
kathy escobar delivers challenging words about being a person of safety in this post. 
i recently discovered cara strickland and i am so glad i did. her words are eloquent and challenging. if you grew up evangelical so much of this post will resonate.
this famous artist produces unique works of art and inspirational words as well. 
if you're looking for some encouraging note cards to send to a friend, these should do the trick. 

// thoughts on homeschool //

if you've been following along in this space for any length of time then you know i am a lover of books. anyone who gives a good book recommendation is my favorite. jamie does not disappoint with this list. 

// thoughts on motherhood //

this post was challenging to my mama heart. i so desperately want these things for my children.
there is this really cool link up over at the nesters blog. many amazing writers are writing about many amazing things for 31 days straight. amanda is reaching out as a mama and friend with these posts and i am being encouraged and challenged at the same time.



  1. What a surprise to see a link to my post here! Thank you so much, Melissa. I'm glad you're resonating! I'm honored to be in such good company.

  2. really love that post by sarah markley. so good!! love your links. and your taste. and your heart... but you already know that. xo!!

  3. I love the list about kiddos...yes to all!! I am going to embrace and enjoy every season of life with those little sweethearts of mine.


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