October 7, 2013

:thoughts on homeschooling // learning to read:

there is something magical about turning pages and falling head first into a story that takes your mind far far away from its current standing. i've known this magic for years now. my sister taught me to read at the ripe young age of four. we made regular visits to the library where i found myself escaping into the words of roald dahl and many others.

now my little one is six and she's been reading for a while now. she reads her school books daily and at times begrudgingly. however, on this particular day, a wednesday to be exact, things changed. my sweet girl realized that she has the power within her to delight in any story of her choosing. joseph and the coat of many colors was the story that made way for her revelation. she read each word with joy as if they were jumping off the pages. once she finished the page we did a dance and chased and tickled in honor of the glorious knowledge that SHE CAN READ ANYTHING her heart desires. 

for the rest of the day she carried her Jesus Story Book Bible under her arm and read word after word. I snapped a few photos and stood back soaking in this sweet moment, thankful that I get to be part of this journey!

lets delight in the little things together. what are you learning with your little ones?

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  1. I love this! reading is such a treasure and I'm so glad she's found it....and what a great book to read! As a homeschooling mom, I'm always amazed that I actually taught someone to read.(Your pictures are gorgeous!)

  2. Love your pictures! I'm so glad you have a little one that's learned to appreciate words... isn't that awesome?! Our little one is in the middle of a vocabulary explosion, and each new word is like a tiny trophy every day.

  3. Oh my word those pictures are just beautiful! And we LOVE that book around here too!

  4. Beautiful photos! Happy Monday!

    visiting from the link up!


  5. LOVE this! I heart books and reading!! We are working on math the boy in my house loves it...


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