September 30, 2013

:thoughts on motherhood // i did it for the memories:

she worked hard, i mean really hard. my father died when i was five, she loved him. she never remarried another man. i don't even remember her dating. i can't be sure, but i believe there was a point of decision, a life shift, where she committed herself to her faith and her children for all of her days.

raising three children on one income, she did it.
loving three children enough for two parents, she did it.
making memories, the good kind, with what time she had, she did it.

the raising three children on one income, doing it.
loving three children enough for two parents, i don't have to, thank God, but boy do i love them.
making memories, the good kind- this is my love language.

we made the long drive up the mountain calling every punch bug we saw while listening to little house on the prairie via cd. as we approached the drive tucked away in the hills of alexander county the kids eyes beamed with excitement. what does that sign say mama? what about that one? there were about fifteen hand written signs up the long drive that lead to the top of the mountain. the one that was home to hundreds of apple trees and a view that stopped a person in their tracks.

our crew unloaded and spoke with the old man in front. he gave us our buckets, a map and sent us on our way. i snapped pictures as my little ones discovered apple trees for the first time and delighted in the freedom to choose any apple they wished. jacob, carried the apple-picker in his hand and baby girl on his back.

i captured moments with my camera and my mind as i thought of all the things i could make with our bounty. applesauce, apple pie and baked apple oatmeal were at the top of my list.

when they grow up i want them to look back and remember annual trips to the orchard. the way the house smelled of apples and cinnamon for days after. i want them to remember my love for the things that did not cost money. i pray they think of the way we loved them and delighted in their presence.

and maybe, just maybe when they are grown and the cool breezes of fall blow in they will wrap up in a blanket on their own couch. there they will rest in the warmth of those times spent on the mountains of north carolina. the taste of apple pie made by a mama who loved them wholly and a desire to pass on a legacy of simple living and love extravagant.

i did it for the memories, little ones.

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  1. One word... GOOSEBUMPS :) u r amazing ... lovely words today always :) how do u do it?! love love the term "love extravagant" that's exactly how i feel about my kids :) my feelings...your lovely words...thanks.

  2. this is stunning - the words, the photos. love it all.

  3. love how you have captured your memories here, both in photos and in words. and what amazing memories they are :)

  4. love love love! great photos by the way! :)

  5. Melissa your blog is making me swoon! Oh the photography so draws me in. Adding you to my bloglovin! And did I somehow miss meeting you at Influence this weekend??

  6. Gorgeous. There are so many things about motherhood that I didn't understand until I had my own little dude. Now I do. What a treasure.

    So glad I found your blog via your IG feed tonight.



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