September 28, 2013

:thoughts on the internet // weekend links:

// thoughts on art //

i love story, our pieces woven with His. don't miss the synchroblog over at she loves magazine. beautiful ladies sharing their beautiful stories of where they are from.

this is the next project i'd like to tackle but on a smaller scale. isn't it beautiful?

// thoughts on motherhood //

lisa-jo nails it with this post. i say a resounding yes to all 100 things!

if you're a mom then you are most certainly familiar with the witching hour. megan gives some insightful suggestions for dealing with this challenging time in this post.

i stumbled upon this post this week and found myself asking "what kind of mom will i be today?" at the start of each day. it has really put things in perspective and pushed me to be more gracious with my children.

// thoughts on homeschool //

we spent some time learning to draw this week using this video. now eisley wants to create her own set of videos teaching kids how to draw things.

found this book at our local library this week. we LOVE it. it is a must have for our personal library. i mean who doesn't love laura ingalls wilder?

// thoughts to make you laugh //

do you use hashtags? if the answer is yes, you will appreciate this little spoof. i'm a fan of JT and jimmy fallon and this video made me laugh out loud!

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  1. Do I love hashtags? #hmmletmethink #yeahduhhh #hashtagsfolife #!!! haha I don't even know if that last one counts but yeah I pretty much died at that video Hilarious!!! Thank you for feeding the right-click nut in me. Crud. lol. Now i have like ten tabs open. Thanks! :D But really, thanks! Loving all your inspiration!! Adding to my evernote now!


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