August 20, 2013

:sweet like honey // simple living:

we have lived in our home now for nine years. i have yet to paint all the rooms or decorate much of anything. up until this point i have kind of been an all-or-nothing type. i want to decorate everything all at once or not at all. yet after years of watching friends decorate their homes piece by piece, little by little, it finally occurred to me that i could do the same.

i have no particular style or eye for decor. i like old things. i appreciate a good design. i have a love for things that stir memories of days past. there is a burning passion within me to leave a legacy of love, beauty and art to those that walk this path with me and after me.

for a while i thought we would sell this house for one on a quiet street, preferably in a culdesac where our children can ride their bikes freely. we still might. but for now, i will lavish this home with love teaching my children to appreciate the people and things that reside within.

i read once that you should ask yourself this question when evaluating your things:

is it beautiful and is it useful?

if the answer is yes to either of those questions you should keep it, but if not, purge away.

with that said i want to add decor to my house that is both beautiful and useful and adds to the legacy we are forming. i first saw honeycomb shelves here. i loved it instantly. beautiful? yes. useful? yes. so I sent a quick message to my super-handy-father-in-law and said a little, ahem, wink-wink, nudge-nudge. he quickly went to work measuring and hand crafting this piece for my home according the space we have allotted.

weeks passed and he carefully cut and sanded each piece to perfection. last weekend he came and spent his entire saturday morning hanging these beautiful shelves on the wall. needless to say i am in love! 

they are beautiful and useful and the perfect addition to the afore mentioned legacy. i look at these shelves and the details within and think, maybe eisley will hang these in her home someday, or durgin's wife or baby rohen. just maybe. 

i've added a few little trinkets that i'm sure will change with time. a little train, hand crafted by my father-in-law for my husband when he was but a wee boy. a jar gifted by a friend filled with vintage spools of thread that once belonged to my aunt. two classic books, the catcher in the rye and to kill a mockingbird. a tea cup filled with a bright red cactus picked out by my big girl. i have a few other things i mind that i would love to display here. hopefully with a few good trips thrifting i will have this new piece just as i want it.

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.“
—Shannon L. Alder


  1. Like I said yesterday, I just LOVE this!

  2. Such a sweet post :) really liked the quote at the true hey...just keep on keeping on you are doing great things with your 'Lovely Words' :)


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