May 31, 2013

:what i'm into // may 2013:

another month spent, time fleeting, memories made. as a lover of details. knowledge of ones interests and quirks captivate me. tell me what you're reading or listening to, how it moves you and i am moved. that's why i look forward to reading what i'm into each month. you can follow along with the kind hearted Leigh who has provided this space for the monthly pouring out.

read and reading //

read all is grace by brennan manning is a heart wrenching book of a man struggle yet still and always within reach of a god too good to be true.

reading wild things: the art of nurturing boys by stephen james and david thomas. this book has already given me a greater understanding of the little man i'm raising. i have laughed out loud and read aloud the stories shared by the authors, with my husband. it is giving me great insight in how to respond to my little guys needs. i definitely recommend it for any mama raising boys.

reading the writing life by annie dillard: she paints amazing word pictures of her writing life. everything seems a metaphor for her journey of book making. i'll let you know more about this one next month.

plan to read: help thanks wow by ann lamott //  pilgrim at tinker creek by annie dillard // new collected poems by wendell berry // dinner a love story by jenny rosenstrach

tv //

i watched seasons 1 and 2 of call the midwife. i now want to be a midwife and have natural childbirth- which i have not done with my previous three children.

started watching the new episodes of arrested development with tobias' episode being the most comical so far. my husband laughs out loud while watching, pausing periodically to make sure i made the connection or explain something i missed. i'm easily distracted. 

movies //

jack reacher was the last movie in which i was awake for the entire viewing. i'm a fan of tom cruise as an actor and i like action so yeh, i would watch it again.

i really want to see gatsby, so maybe i can give you my thoughts on that next time.

music //

this pretty lady posted something about all sons & daughters so i looked them up and have listened to them pretty much every day since then.

i bought tickets as a birthday present for my husbands and our sweet friends to see derek webb. his heart stirring words have lingered speaking reminders of kingdom living throughout the month.

as i write this post i'm listening to beyonce cause i like to mix things up a bit. and dance. i like to dance.

other things of note //

my big girl finished kindergarten. totally blown away by her and the way she has blossomed into such a big girl this year. her love for art encourages my love for art. the more she wants to create, the more i search for new techniques and methods to fuel her interest while also fueling mine. she has a love for reading and my heart could not be happier. this summer we will be writing weekly letters to keep those skills in check. we've sent two out already. if you and your little one want in on the action send me a message because who doesn't love a pen pal? oh and she got her ears pierced!

last week i was able to celebrate alison and the soon-to-be-arrival of two precious babies girls. julie has such a knack for lovely things and the shower was beautiful in every way.

my sweet husband has been on vacation this week and we have loved having him home. we've enjoyed water fights and sweets and picnics and hours upon hours in the pool and bike rides a plenty. we will surely miss him when he returns to work on monday.

volume no. 4 scripture memory cards // red letter edition are now available at THE LOVELY WORDS so go ahead and grab those and maybe another set for a friend. you'll save a few bucks that way!

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  1. oh, I LOVED "call the midwife" though somehow I missed that there was a season 2!! I kinda want to read the book it's based on now.

  2. I've heard good things about Wild Things, but my son is only 9 months now so I'm putting it off. What do you think, read it now or wait?

  3. Love Annie Dillard and Anne Lamott - my top two favorite authors! And I too caught up on Call the Midwife for the first time :: AMAZING.

  4. I started reading The Writing Life a year ago and was so amazed by it, I put it down and haven't gone back to it yet. One of these days! Love All Sons & Daughters! They've been a favorite for awhile now.

    Thanks for linking up with What I'm Into!


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