March 25, 2013

:well that was awkward:

it's so awkward to talk about yourself. to actually disclose your likes and dislikes, peeves and delights. yet here i am in this space pouring out regularly for all to see. a while back the amazing emily shared a few things about herself and encouraged me to do the same. so now you have it.

on my love for books
there was this one time i attended a bible/book study at a friends house. it was a ragamuffin group of married women, me being the only newlywed. i delighted in the thoughts of immersing myself in the company of women further along in their journey of love and marriage. i remember very little from that night. only the words one woman said to me, of my love for books, just wait until you have babies, then you won't have time for that. 

i left a tad discouraged but am happy to say that babies have not detoured my love for the written word. i read every single day. even if it's only a couple of pages, i manage to squeeze them in, in between diaper changes, games of hide and seek and meals. if you're interested in the books i have loved or am currently reading, check out what's on my bookshelf.

on my love for music
we listen to music most of the day around our home. mumford & sons, sufjan stephens (children's) and veggietales are all kid friendly stations on pandora radio. when we are having dinner guests i usually go for a more mellow vibe like billie holiday or frank sinatra station. my guilty pleasure stations for working out or cleaning house are workout radio, jay-z or justin bieber.

my husband and i love to play "the radio game" when we are driving somewhere, just the two of us. we hit scan and whoever can name the band before it switches gets a point. the first person to ten wins! i always win. ::wink wink::

on my love for movies
we recently watched the perks of being a wallflower and that may very well be my new all-time favorite movie. it was brilliantly written and brought a different side to high school drama that is often portrayed. we all struggle with something. we all have vices. the line "we accept the love we think we deserve" penetrated my soul and led me to some serious contemplation.

on my love for the lovely words
words are powerful. they hold the power to build up or destroy. words truly are like honey sweet to the soul and healthy to the body. with that in mind i opened a new shop giving me the chance to pour lovely words into the world. prints to create art walls or just a reminder for your desk or a gift for a friend. let us live in the loveliness of words.

now please, tell me something about you!

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  1. Hey from SA :) when i came across your was time to get up and go cook supper...but as i rose do so... i was... no... i felt exhilarated at how wonderfully creative and just plain amazing God has made us as people...and this whole blogging thing combined with the wonders of the internet... such fun ! I am not really technologically literate...but i do ok and i luv my camera a recent hobby for me...God's timing is perfect is what i have learned :)


words are like honey, sweet to my soul, so feel free to share yours.