March 11, 2013

:show & tell saturday:

when the winter seems long and there are too many days of rain and mud, we find ourselves wishing for  warm weather and sunny skies. anything to break up clouds of gray that hover.

the children roll out of bed, hair in disarray, nested evidence of reckless sleep. the first words spoken every day, "do you have to go to work today, daddy?" anticipation of saturday lingers. we sing the days of the week song. we count them down. we relish in weekends.

weekends are for family.

the little one has the lovely idea that we should all participate in show and tell during breakfast saturday morning. i gladly oblige and delight with a bit of pride. creative, this one.

daddy rolls out of bed first saturday morning and brews that sweet nectar that opens my tired mama eyes. he clanks and clatters in preparation for our favorite breakfast dish, burritos. our feast adorns the table as i feed the tiny one. everyone hustles secretively with their selection for showing and telling.

we sit, pray, eisley nearly bursting with excitement, we begin. daddy first with a pocket watch his grandmother gave him. our minds so in tune. we both chose something with story. our love for story pushes through always. the blank pages enticingly before us. our story being written into His.

i chose my mama's wedding band, given to her by my daddy. it is a simple gold band but it represents a moment of goodness and love.

sometimes it's hard to see the goodness and love through all the muck and mire. yet, it's there, around every corner, in every moment of every day. His goodness. His love. Overflowing onto us and from us onto them.

let us show & tell of His love today.

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  1. I, too, am aiming for more intentional parenting. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new reader of yours and liked reading some of your latest posts!

  2. sweet and simple post! I am so ready for spring! :)

  3. Burritos are our favorite breakfast too. It is almost always what I order when I go out for breakfast.
    And weekends are made for family. I was so thankful yesterday. Someone called my husband and asked him to preach at our local rest home last night. (we went the week before, and are going next week) And he said no. He said he was busy. He was busy spending time with his family. It warmed my heart. There is times for service and there is times for just being a small family.
    We ordered pizza from our favorite joint and laughed over I Love Lucy episodes.

  4. I love all of the pictures on your blog. And your daughter's name is Eisley? Did I read that right? It's beautiful. Eisley is one of my favorite bands and I have a friend named Ainsley whose name has been in the line up during some of my pregnancies.


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