March 14, 2013

:he is daddy:

in between his day job and a few hours of sleep, he pours all that he is into the little ones.
he gives piggy back rides. 
takes on the role of venom. 
builds train tracks, over and over again. 
plays chase and hide-n-go-seek.
he delights in daddy-dates.
 he reads books. 
he teaches with ease. 
he guides gently. 
he lavishes love.
he is merciful, always patient.
he is a giver of grace, grace and more grace. 
he is daddy and we love him so.


  1. he sounds like a gift from heaven! what a blessing


  2. these pictures are soo cute! looks like Rohen just got up from a nap! love you all! don't know how Jacob does it but i sure wish i had an ounce of his energy! :)

  3. so, so sweet, friend. love these precious pictures. :)


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