February 4, 2013

:the one where i reflect on the simple:

my sweet girl turned six years old last week. she feels so big girl. not five, no not five. five is but a baby and she is six. full on six.

for breakfast we made cinnamon rolls and sausage per her request. the moments following play in slow motion in my mind. her hair blowing in the wind. a smile as big as the moon as she rounded the corner of our dinner table on her brand new razor scooter. she grew decades in those moments. keys in hand hopping into her first car to drive away. waving goodbye as she heads out with friends. packing for college.

this journey, so bitter-sweet.

a party was thrown in her honor and all of her favorite people were invited. sixteen adults and thirteen children filled our home with joy and laughter. little girls ran around in princess dresses and little boys donned shields and swords. they choose their roles so young. the birthday girl announced her betrothal to a sweet little friend and proceeded to march through the halls wearing my wedding veil carrying a bouquet of handmade flowers. be still my heart.

she requested an art party and a piƱata but didn't really get either. when i asked her if she was happy with her party she said "yes i'm happy, it's friends and family that are important." happy and content with the presence and presents of loved ones. she knows value. her treasure is found in people, not things.

eyeballs turned to saucers as children realized the free reign of cupcake decorating that laid before them. pink and purple icing from head to toe. sprinkles for days. little ones delight in the little. small gestures of freedom go to the deep parts of their souls.

then there are those friends, the ones that stay well past everyone else. washing dishes, sharing stories and belly laughter that hurts for weeks. a welcome reminder of days not wasted. days full of the good and simple gifts that point us to Him.

these are the moments that memories are made of. let us not forget the simple. the precious. the good. for they are all a reflection of His goodness and His mercy.

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  1. lucky little lady to have you as her biggest fan. xo!

  2. blessed little girl.

    made my heart clench, knowing that one comes first for us, and i know i'll bawl...and then six will come when i blink again. ohh, not ready for that.

    visiting from Just Write for the first time.

  3. What a fortunate young lady. I just got a lump in my throat when I read your Dr. Seuss quote... I put this quote on my daughter's senior page in the yearbook. Great post!


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