February 1, 2013

:the one where i offer six things for her sixth:

1. on your birthday now and forever, i will always make your favorite meals. i love that today you asked for sausage links for breakfast. livermush and eggs for lunch and an egg sandwich for dinner.

2. while on your journey you may find that your ideals clash with mine. know this little one, mommy accepts you and loves you and hopes great things for you. nothing can separate us my dear.

3. you have a contagious love for those you encounter. you are the friendliest kid i know. somewhere along the way someone may try to crush your spirit which will leave you guarded and afraid. don't let them. remember we love because he loved us. he never stopped and neither should we. shake it off and love with folly. always.

4. you will make mistakes. there is grace for every single one. grace, grace and more grace.

5. your brother and sister are your best friends.

6. you made me a mom and that is the greatest gift you will ever give me. you point me to Him on a daily basis with your childlike faith. you are a gift, a good and perfect gift.

happy 6th birthday little one of mine!


  1. love it! speaking such truth! write this down for when she is older and give it to her!!

    love y'all!!


  2. beautiful offerings for your girl!


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