December 20, 2012

:the one where we delight in the hunting:

it's all a learning curve, this journey. the path is worn and indecipherable at times. no map to consult.  only those who have gone before us as a guide. some walk with us as encouragement. my heart hangs heave these days with the brokenness of this world. the despair and loneliness that fills the hearts of so many. i search for ways to meet needs with our means that seem so little but in reality are so so great.

the little guy crawled into my lap this morning, handing me a magazine, mom can you read about poor people. it was the world vision gift catalog. we went through and read each section.

why is that child sad?

well they don't have a mommy and a daddy?

what happened to them? 

they just got really really sick buddy. 

the mommy got really sick?

yes buddy, the mommy.

"to a small child mommy is still god, and therefore immortal, and must not 
betray the child and the universe by dying." 
- madeleine l'engle 

eisley says prayers for the sandy hook children. she cannot grasp the full weight of what happened nor do i want her to at this time. yet she speaks words that fall like bricks into my soul, heavy and true.

our world is hurting.
our brothers and sisters are hurting.
our church, the body is hurting.

"one of the greatest weapons of all is laughter, a gift for fun, a sense of play which is 
sadly missing from the grown up world."
-madeleine l'engle

in the midst of the hurting and heavy, we played.

i stumbled upon this scavenger hunt that looked super fun! i wrote words that eisley could read. taped them all around the house directing her from one location to the next. She and her brother giggled the entire time as she sounded out words! Pure delight bounced off the walls of our home. i ran behind them cheering them on to the next card and danced circles around them when they found their prize.

laughter is a truly powerful weapon.
let us laugh today.

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  1. That is absolutely beautiful. Yes, let us laugh today!

    Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts at "this little light." I came by simply to return the favor but I can tell right away that I'm going to love your blog, so I'm joining you as a new follower (GFC and bloglovin').

    Looking forward to reading and sharing so much more.

  2. What a lovely glimpse into your family. Yes, I would like to laugh today, too.


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