December 19, 2012

:the one where love looks quite ordinary:

lately i've been reading this and this. in the wake of the loss in Connecticut and the lives affected and broken there i am searching for how to love in this time and this place.

love has many forms.

sometimes it looks like art made with hands sharing my mama heart arriving via snail mail style on just the right day.

sometimes it looks like a brother and sister squabbling one minute and giggling the next. learning new tricks like how to climb high on playhouses and stand gloriously triumphant. cheers over hot chocolate then a mad game of hey lets dump it all over one another! 

sometimes it looks like little hands creating and selling to earn money to buy a poor girl a baby doll. knowing all too well privilege and how richly we are blessed.

sometimes it looks like a phone call from a grandparent that says hey, bring the children over and go enjoy a coffee date with the one you love.

sometimes it looks like hide-and-seek in the dark right before bed.

sometimes it looks like a text, or help with groceries, or just a hello.

sometimes it looks like gingerbread houses and candy strewn across the floor. tiny faces covered in icing.

sometimes it looks like diapers and cigarettes. 

sometimes it looks big and small and here and now.

sometimes it looks nothing like we thought it would.

let us love.

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