October 24, 2012

:the one where i am thankful for puke and snot:

more times that i can count, i looked down to see my stunning, blue eyed, boy looking up to me, tissue in hand, an offering in exchange for a clean nose. red cheeks and fever haunted him throughout the day, affecting his ability to play. he wanted to play, with all of his might, he wanted to play. but his little body would only allow him a few moments of enjoyment before weakness took over.

baby girl took a bath in banana vomit, twice. twice i changed her soaked clothing and bathed her tiny frame. twice i changed her sheets. twice i snuggled her and put her to bed, hopeful she would rest well.

at the end of the day, i fell into the couch, exhausted. the weight of my body sank into the leather, while my favorite blanket melted over my tired legs. for a moment i felt frustrated. frustrated that the things i needed to accomplish today were still incomplete. the floors still dirty. the laundry still hidden in the dryer.

a text changed my perspective.

"my sister found out she lost the baby today."

i laid in a pool of my own tears, my mama heart breaking with hers.

i woke the next morning with a renewed spirit and an altered attitude. i wiped noses and bottoms with a thankful heart. i cleaned up puke with gratitude. i answered calls in the night with joy and patience.

today i am running on three hours sleep and a heart full of fresh mercy. i lingered over baby girl snuggles this morning and laughed hard at the new found comedy between the little guy and his daddy. i will continue to linger and breath in these fleeting moments with a thankful heart. for my children are a gift, puke, snot and all.

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  1. I love your writing, Melissa! I rarely keep up with blogs, but yours is one I try to check in with. This is so good! I want to be thankful for my miracles throughout all the things I would deem unpleasant. I hope you guys are feeling better! We're almost there!


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