September 10, 2012

:the one where we celebrate 7 months:

another blink, another month, gone. you are growing like crazy little one, and on the move. you haven't mastered the crawl yet but you can get anywhere your heart desires. cars and trains, you make a b-line for those. not to worry, my dear, your big brother will not fail you. he runs and yells to save you from getting anything in your hands or mouth that shouldn't be there. every single morning you have a special play date, just you and the little guy. he is your biggest fan.

eisley is nothing short of the best big sister in the world. she is your biggest cheerleader. side by side in the floor sharing secrets, makes this mama heart well up and spill over at the beauty of it all.

oh and honey, that smile, it's working for you. wrinkle that nose and ask me anything i promise i will say yes. especially when you reach out and touch my cheek like you do. also, i love that you have found your voice. your squeals of delight bring sunshine right through the ceiling. no hurry sweet girl, but i look forward to the sound of mama rolling off your tongue.

lets see what month seven has in store for us!


  1. happy 7 months little one!! & the second picture is SO precious!!

  2. Awe! What a precious letter to your sweet baby. This is beautiful. Thank you for linking it up to The Parent 'Hood!

  3. That is BEAUTIFUL! So glad you linked up to The Parent 'Hood! That smile made my morning.


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