September 11, 2012

:the one where fall brings blessings:

the simple things are often the sweetest things. a basket full of apples in honor of fall. a frame with words that bless. friendship worthy of thanksgiving. a recipe to explore with my precious one. an opportunity to pass on the goodness passed to us.

she ran to the drawer and grabbed her apron and hat. she loves to bake. we pulled over the chair from the dinning table so she could reach. she stood tall, waiting for instructions. i followed the recipe exactly, reading each line to her, explaining what it all means. she listened intently and measured each ingredient carefully. not too much. not too little. a good amount.

we placed it in the oven and checked on it often through the window with the light on. she smelled it when it was ready and bubbled with excitement. we delivered the beauty of our labor with gladness and it was received well. she is learning and so am i, that we are blessed so we know how to bless. we are filled up to pour out.

*just writing with heather


  1. you're a great momma! always remember and never doubt.

  2. Beautiful! Love this story. So simple and lovely.

  3. what a sweet sweet precious gift, neat idea and you are right , friendship
    is worthy of thanksgiving!


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