September 19, 2012

:the one where everything is beauty:

it sneaks in unnoticed, uninvited. builds a home. i am the landlord. collecting monthly, sometimes daily, what is rightly mine. it screams entitlement and the right to be just so.

in its ugliest of forms.

the other side, polar opposite. clothed in flesh and blood and light, holding no agenda. arrives in khaki shorts and a t-shirt carrying a basket full of apples. another, the one that wears stripes, a smile and open arms to hold my babies. an email that says i get you.i hear you, i need you in my life. a day for my children to ride rides and trains and laugh. new clothes for them as well. a text. a package in the mail.

these people, these things overshadow the ugly that resides. overpower it even. this is goodness and mercy perusing. goodness and mercy are power and we are the possessors. these hands made for giving. this heart made for loving. this mouth made for truth.

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  1. Such a lovely blog!It's hard to fit in so much to family life but you seem to manage great!Rx


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