August 23, 2012

:thoughts on homeschooling [no.1]:

sally clarkson says, "what a child learns to love first, he will love forever." i long for her to love learning. for her to delight in the every day discoveries. my desire is that she would be encouraged in her learning and feel safe to ask questions. i love watching her learn and being part of the process. i love seeing her eyes light up when she gets it. i love seeing her give an answer in the most casual manner because the current concept is easy peasy. i love seeing her artwork and her writing sheets posted on the wall and thinking, i got to teach her this!

{resources for homeschooling}
no time for flashcards : hands on activities for little ones using simple every day items. i rarely have to make a mad dash to the craft store being completing one of her teaching crafts.
steady mom : gives practical advice on motherhood and staying on track. she homeschools her children and gives insight in this area as well.
confessions of a homeschooler : excellent supplemental resources and unit studies found here.
artful parent : jean speaks my love language with her take on the arts. we have a very artistic little girl and nurting that love is one of my main priorities. this site is a tremendous help.
word playhouse : gives great insight on how to keep a calm home and a fluid routine.
simple homeschool : answers the questions we are all asking as homeschooling, stay-at-home-moms.
homeschool creations : resources and free printables for your homeschooling needs.
i have all of these blogs in my google reader and read them regularly. great inspiration for adding excitment to learning. our children will love learning if we love learning.
what are your favorite homeschool resources?


  1. Thanks Melissa! I'm definitely going to be checking these out! I need to "unschool" myself b/c I feel my "teacher" role putting pressure on myself and my daughter. ;) Looking forward to hearing what else you're up to this year! (Did you get the fabric scraps?)

  2. Thanks for the resources. I am doing a little homeschooling with my 5 year old.

  3. So glad you shared these sites! Thank you! Thank you!


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