August 22, 2012

:the one where we make use out of our art:

art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time
-thomas merton
art is part of our every day. we are constantly lookng for ways to create and discover. on this particular day we tried painting with marbles. we gathered our supplies: 2 8x10 pans, 2 sheets of white paper, marbles and paint.
eisley dipped each marble in the paint, placed it in the pan and rolled it around. i was quite fascinated with the pattern and new colors created as the marbles crossed paths. it only took a few minutes to complete both pieces of paper.
we let those dry and glued them to 12x12 cardstock and then cut them down to cute little notecards (top photo).
this week before our lessons we have taken time each morning to write an ancouraging note to someone of their choosing. eisley is super excited to see her art useful!
what do you do with all the art your children create?

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  1. How fun is that!?! I love that you made notecards out of them :)


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