July 31, 2012

::the one where we summer::

around january the longing begins. i long for warm nights and hot days. i long for the sun beating down, beads of sweat on my nose. i long for the crunch of scorched grass and the blue of chlorine pools. i long for hours outside with filth so thick on little ones rings line the bath tub at the end of the night. i long for fireflies in mason jars and relaxing on the porch as the sun sets.


summer 2012 is the last summer before eisley begins school for the first time. it's the last summer the little ones will be five, three and 6 months. so we are making the most of our moments.

we camp. hike and pet wild ponies. the little one wants to keep going and declares herself "the best hiker ever." she takes quiet time in the tent, so much like me in that way. loves people but craves the quiet of solitude for refreshing. we roast marshmallows and read The Little House on the Prairie hours past her bedtime. she snuggles from the chill of the morning and climbs trees like it's her job.

we swim. jump off the diving board and pretend to be mermaids and fish. eisley insists on swimming without swimmies and durgin has absolutely no fear, determined to jump off the diving board backwards like mommy and daddy. rohen kicks her feet and watches her older siblings with adoration.

we have sleep overs and play dates. we have picnics in the living room and watch movies. we ride bikes and read books. oh boy do we read books. we tell stories and make art for display. we eat cupcakes and popsicles. we garden and take pride in our bounty. we make homemade salsa and eat more than we should. we stay up late and wake up early. we live fully.

summer at its finest. making the most of each day. living simply. loving well.

*just writing with heather


  1. This sounds amazing. Like the essence of summer.
    I just moved to a place where it's summer all of the time. And as a Canadian, let me just say, that I'm thrilled. I too dream of popsicles and backwards dives into the pool and mermaid play in the middle of January, and now these dreams can actually come true!

  2. How perfect and your kids will look back and love every minute of it.

  3. Great way to make memories.

  4. I love summer.
    We're living in England right now, and your post is everything that I miss and crave so badly my skin hurts. Enjoy it extra for me, please.

    I found you through the link-up and I love your photos. Thanks for giving me the taste of summer that I'm missing!

  5. Beautiful! I love your summer :)


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