July 19, 2012

::the one where they need me in their corner::

I woke up late this morning to the boys beckoning call, "somebody come get me up!!!" My shoulders tensed a little at the sudden realization that this was the start of my day and I had traded sleep for [me time] that is as valuable as gold in my mind. Stumbling to the bathroom I gave my teeth a swift brush and headed to say good morning to the little guy. Muffins were placed in the oven while the kettle gave a whistle and voila coffee was ready. Holding my cup steady I plopped down into my favorite spot on the couch and let the warmth of Joe wash over me. I laid my head back and closed my eyes so my mind could find peace and my heart renewal for the day.

Help me approach this day with overflowing grace and mercy. Amen.

A show entertained the boy while he waited for the muffins to bake and baby sister to be fed. After his belly was full he said, "let's turn off the tv and read books."

Be. Still. My. Heart.

Weekly visits to the library and constant nurturing of a love for reading show fruit.
All the babies gather round while I read about jet plans, race cars, and an ant that wanted to carry a piece of cake back to his home but couldn't. They soak it all in and begin their playtime. Then I hear it. I hear it almost daily. I pray about it constantly.


Brother and sister, the ones I planned would be BFF's forever before they were born, bickering and fussing over nothing and everything. I feel frustration step in and I quickly stand up and remind [him] that he's not welcome here. The last thing my children need is a frustrated mommy. Frustration teaches them only how to be frustrated, solving absolutely nothing.

Deep breaths.

I walk in a tad stronger than normal and pick up that five year old that spans nearly the length of my frame when on my hip. I had every intention of taking her to her room and letting her have a quiet time out. Yet as I made my way no more than 10 steps from his room to hers Holy Spirit took over and hushed my soul. I sat in the floor with her on my lap and with a truly sincere heart I said, "what's the problem Coop?"

Her name is Eisley Cooper, Coop for short.

As crocodile tears flow down her cheeks that are no longer round like a baby but slender as a big girl, she tells me the story. Together we come up with a couple of possible solutions to the problem at hand. She dries her tears and I facilitate as she attempts to make peace with her brother. Who, being younger, doesn't quite get why he can't always have what he wants when he wants it. Especially right before lunch and nap.

I'm learning in the slowest possible manner that they need me to walk them through the turmoil. They need me to teach them how to solve problems. They need to know I am on this journey with them. That's not to say that there isn't a time and place for time-outs, alone time, time to cool down and regroup. But today was not it. Today they are learning with me at their side, in their corner, guiding them along the way.


  1. beautiful! Loved this and will treasure it for the days to come when I have more than one little guy :)

  2. just came across your blog and totally needed this post!!!!!!! love, love, love it!! such a good reminder, thank you!!

  3. Ahhhhhhh so true, I need to do that more often then I do! I often forget that they need help to work through it and figure out a solution


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