June 19, 2012

::the one where we are learning to love well::

He talks about it over and over again, this love of others.

Sell everything you have and give it to the poor.
Feeding the hungry.
Inviting strangers in.
Looking after the sick.
Visiting those in prison.

The very thing he committed his life to he expects of me. He walked the dusty streets to find those in need, filled with compassion, ready to help. He rescued and restored. He loved a big love.

We are taking extra time to teach the little ones about loving well in big and small ways this summer in hopes of creating an others-minded-lifestyle.

How are you teaching your children to love well?


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting! Loving checking out your's now!

  2. Such a great question. one I ask myself a lot. How am I teaching them to put others first and focus on compassion and caring. Such important lessons, even at their young age...


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