April 11, 2012

::thoughts on motherhood [scandelous grace]

all is grace has taken new meaning.
she is learning grace from me.
i speak of grace unending, unconditional but i practice grace with limits.

she has sassy mouth. go figure. she is afterall my kid and lord knows sassy mouth has been my downfall for years. speaking without thinking. geez, i'm still guilty of this. i shoot for sacasm and come out just plain mean or so i've been told. i expect grace for this. i neeeeeeed grace for this.
and so does she.

she crosses her arms in defiance, lips out, eyebrows down. my mind flashes to that photo from 1982, instagram-earlybird-style, with my coke-bottle glasses, the perm my mom swears i asked for, and i see myself.

she is me.

i have learned that rules and shame lead to failing efforts of trying to be good.
grace and encouragement lead to goodness that comes from within, from above.
we are the cup and when filled with grace we spill grace.

god let me spill grace.


  1. Yes, yes and amen. I was just praying this morning for more love for my sweetie. Not that I am struggling with loving her, but reading this I realize what I was really asking for was more grace. Like you said, Lord knows I need it. I want to be swimming in it and for my kids to feel that way too. We miss you guys! The kids have been talking about your kids for days. :)


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