April 9, 2012

::thoughts on motherhood [the choice]::

eisley woke up super grumpy this morning and broke into tears within minutes of getting to the breakfast table. i understand this as i woke up the same way.


i paced, 7 week old baby girl in hand, frustrated by my lack of sleep and the audacity of her desire to eat at 6:30am when i was not at all ready to get up. within moments grace washed over my weary soul and i held her tight. thankful. i rounded the island in the kitchen for the umpteenth time, breathing her in. counting.

#278 her sweet smell
#279 the way her tiny frame can be held with one arm
#280 this time- alone, quiet, fleeting, cherished
#281 the way she recognizes my voice & searches for my face
#282 how songs silence her cries


i picked her up and gently placed my forhead to hers and confessed, "i sometimes wake up grumpy too. it's a choice. happy or grumpy. you decide," i told her. secretly preaching to myself.

happy or grumpy.
i decide.
i set the tone for my home.
i choose happy.

what are you choosing today?

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  1. So... completely... true! I've always said Happiness is not something to be sought after, it's simply a choice!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am so completely new at this girls ministry, God put a desire in my heart to lead a girls ministry when I was 18... 10 years later I can finally do what I've always felt lead to do. Although I don't always know what I'm doing! I trust in Him to guide my words and actions to bring these precious ones to where they need to be.

    I placed a new post today and I would love to hear your ideas if you have any!


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