March 5, 2012

:: no one as good as him::

she picks out the book and lays it on the bed. i notice her watching me. waiting for my response. she chose that one again. the one that makes me cry. she knows this and is curious.

the lines read,

"the last time that you said you'd marry me when you grew old"

and she asks,

"mommy, can little girls marry their daddy's?"

she shares her dream often. she will marry daddy. durgin will marry me and we will live side by side. she's five and this is her reality. however, her question was more serious this time. as if someone has already told her the answer. so i respond with the honesty she is seeking.

"no eisley, they can't."

her lip turns out and head tips towards the floor. she is overcome with sadness at this news. searching my mind for wisdom and comfort, i say,

"you can marry someone as good as daddy."

she looks at me with pure conviction and responds through tears,

"but there is no one as good as daddy."

he has set the bar extremely high and i pray she never seeks less than a man like her daddy.


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  1. a beautiful post...and have these same moments with my daughter...and thankfulness for my mr!


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