December 6, 2011

::thoughts on faith [it's the heart]::

we snuggled close as i read about the scrawny one. the one whose dad didn't even think to introduce him because he just wasn't much to offer at the time. we talked about how he was the one god wanted to use. we talked about how his heart was much like gods. we talked about how god looks on the inside, not the outside.

[it's the heart that god cares about]

i have to remind myself of this frequently as i have spent most of my adult life working for the approval of those around me.

youth leader....check.
sunday school teacher....check.
attend church three times per week...check.
participate in the easter play....check.
ready my bible every day...check.
pray every day...check.

this was my life several years ago.

currently, i am not a youth leader, not a sunday school teacher and i do not attend church three times per week.

i read my bible not to check it off my to-do list but because i want to know him more.
i pray not to check it off my to-do list but because i am trying to figure out the point of it all.
i love people not because others are watching but because i truly desire to love like jesus.

i talk with him in the still small moments of the night when eisley has had a bad dream, rohen is kicking field goals and i can't get back to sleep. i talk with him during my 40 minute commute to and from work every day. i talk with him constantly, knowing him more with each word.

i think about the life jesus lived and how madeleine l'engle thinks we should be able to live out our lives just as jesus lived out his.

like standing for women and speaking out about their value.
like standing up for the outcast and touching the untouchable.
like standing for children and letting their voices be heard.
like taking time to relax and fellowship at weddings and parties.
like taking time to know and be part of community.
like living with less so others can have more.
like turning the other cheek
like putting others before myself.

there is no criteria for knowing god.

he is not waiting for the strong or the pretty or the pure.
he is waiting for you.
he wants to know you.

people look at the outward appearance, but it's the heart that god cares about.

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  1. I'm working on making sure my heart is in the right place...all...the...time. Regardless of how many services I attend, people I speak to at fellowship, and cards I write (or don't cause I forget). I'm also working on this God knows my heart thing...lhe knows what I'm capable of....when I don't

    Love hearing what you have to say!


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