December 13, 2011

:does yours heal or hurt?:

it comes out in our reaction to certain circumstances.
it comes out in our response to others.
it comes out in our posture and language.
it comes out in our work and our play.

we all have one....or two....or three.
our lives are a constant flow, chapter after chapter.
the question isn't do we have a story to tell? rather what kind of story are we telling?
stories that hurt or stories that heal?

and i remember my elder granddaughter's ninth summer, most of which was spent on the pediatric floor of a city hospital after she had been hit by a truck on her way home from swimming. she could not be given any painkillers because of the head injury, and she was in great pain.

as she returned to full consciousness, she said to her parents and grandparents, "i love you," and then, "read to me." so we read to her, hour on hour. when our voices would tire and we would slow down, we would immediately hear, "keep on reading," and so we kept on.

story was pain-killer, quite literally. when her brain was focused on a story, then it was not on the pain center. story was a more effective pain-killer than any chemical medication.

excerpt from madeleine l'engle [walking on water]

our stories can heal the wounds found in those around us.
are you sharing your story?

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  1. oh - that's exactly what I did for Just Write today - synchronicity...

    Thank you. Love this story...

  2. "It's your story, tell it." Oh my, yes.


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