November 21, 2011

:handmade christmas:

this weekend i spent some time working on christmas presents. we are doing things a little differently this year and going the handmade route. i have tons of gift ideas swimming in my head and i will share a few as the weeks go along.

i have a couple of pre-teens on my list, so i put together a little bundle of goodies for each of them. it was so fun putting their little package together. picturing their faces when they open it and praying they enjoy having it as much as i enjoyed making it.

when all of my bundles were complete i realized i had a few left over. make christmas a little easier for you i have a couple of bundles to offer at a super price.

each bundle includes
a wristlet pouch measuring 6x10 inches  ($15.00 value)
2 button covered bookmarks ($8.00 value)
4 pair of colorful earrings ($24.00 value)

i am offering each bundle for $25 shipped!! that's quite a steal aaaaand it saves you a trip out into the shopping madness that often goes along with holidays.

if you are interested email me which bundle you would like to purchase along with you paypal email and shipping address::

happy shopping!

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