September 23, 2011

::love looks like...::

Late night chats, head to pillow after the children have fallen asleep. Talking about life, love, politics, religion, simple living and our dreams. Making love takes a new form.

Endurance of the tired child that desperately needs sleep but does not yet understand the goodness of rest.

The giving of one more minute, one more sip of milk and one more peek around the room for monsters.

Grace for one another and others.

Holding hands in the car and as we walk. Always touching. Even if at the end of the day when all energy has been poured out, our feet meet beneath the warmth of our covers saying “I’m here.”

Pictures unending to document this amazing life.

This is what love looks like right now.
What does love look like to you?

*this post was inspired by sarah at emerging mummy*
*linking up at life rearranged  for instafriday*


  1. LOVE this! Just dropping in from Instafriday! Very well written and inspiring!

  2. for me, it looks like cleaning up a gazillion toys with out a raised voice, lots of hugs and love for a tired 4 year old, and lots of cough medicine brought to a sick husband, even when *I'm* exhausted.

    love this post! So glad I found you!!!! :)


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